Top 5 Tips to Make Your Video Animations Stand Out from the Crowd

Video content is the latest rage. Social media applications and content have greatly shifted to video content. It gets more engagement and turnover. It won’t be wrong to call video animations an exploding field.  From personal, to influencer to professional. Everybody is on it. Every kind of video content is consumed massively. Ranging from comedy, travel, vlogging, teaching, and advertisements. Social media strategies have now begun to lean exclusively on video content. They make sure to use the highest production and quality standards.

With so much content being pump out into the digital content world. How are you going to make your videos stand out from the crowd? (In a good way, of course).  You can start implementing these, basic yet amazing, tips into your videos. Our goal is to help you get an edge over the competition. Even though they seem quite basic, these are the tools that will surely set you apart even from the pros! Let’s dive in and help you with that!

Here is a list of the 5 key points that will surely make your videos the next big thing!

1. Identify your target audience:

This is possibly the most paramount step, to begin with. Because identifying your target audience provides you with a clear video and sets the tone and style of the video animations. As it gives a clear direction for the tone and style of the video. Content tailored specifically for a particular audience type is always more rewarding. Content aimed at a younger audience is always different from that of a more mature audience. Identifying your target audience will also help you zero in on the possible outlets for your video content. An example can be Facebook where the video animations are require to be with subtitles and under 60 seconds, whereas on YouTube the videos can be much longer and can be worked on with a voice-over!

2. Get creative:

To make sure that people engage with your videos, your video must be engaging enough. There is a certain way to deliver quality content through videos. The viewer is hooked more by a video that is aesthetically pleasing and professionally shot. This can include matching captions exactly to what is being said, and to your company’s font. You can even try making a quick personalized intro for your 2d animations video. Think about going for a cinematic trailer, with flashy titles and mind-blowing animation! Make sure that your audience stays hooked!

This could be done through dynamic illustrations, or by using motion graphics. Use your video animations as a chance to truly show off your product (if you have one).  Also, never forget to make the first few seconds of your video count! The first few seconds are the key moments where your audience’s interest is either established or lost. You HAVE to get their interest, especially if your video animations are aimed at social media as it is just a matter of one scroll and your video might just get lost in the sea of videos that are now redundant. To keep their interest alive, and for them to stick around, introduce your concept subtly and quickly. Use the tips stated in this article to make sure your video stands out right from the start!

3. Work Exclusively on the Cut:

  • Cut on Impact and Action:

Cutting is giving every cut a purpose at the correct time. To have the most effective, cutting on the impact and action is the way o go about it. Cutting to the next piece of footage is going to help your audience piece things better in their minds,

  • Match Cuts:

Match cutting is cutting from one part of footage to another similar one. An example can be cut from one person’s face to another in precisely the same position. It provides another dimension to your film, gives it a professional look, and further proves that you did your homework well creatively ad efficiently. It also makes your audience comprehend that you’re a pro at conveying your message more profoundly, rather than just using words or only the subject.

Match cuts don’t require being stationary. You could simply land into the next shot with a specific movement, an example can be someone throwing a pillow in a respective direction and picking up the pillow on that same movement in your next shot. Another technique for hooking the audience is to have the characters gaze forward and then follow their sight line.

  • Choose Your Cut:

There are numerous ways to get your best cut! Check these terms out and play along with them the next time you shoot a video. Knowledge and experimentation will get you a long way!

  • Fade
  • Dissolve
  • Jump Cut
  • Cross Cut
  • Smash Cut
  • Invisible Cut
  • L-Cut
  • J-Cut

The crux is that standing out from your competitors requires being exceptionally creative, and in videos, creativity is all about providing points of connection between clips. We have provided you with a few examples, you can try exploring more as the opportunities are endless!

4. Concentrate on Audio:

Audio for video animations is not just about high-quality sound. Rather, it means to stand out from the crowd, just like your video, your audio also must be creative apart from being high quality. A lot of video makers will only get a piece of music or suitable audio and slap it on their videos. Which, truthfully is just not enough. There are loads of other things that come into action, like ambiance, sound effects, Foley, and risers. Their little things put the sparkling life into your video and make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Background Noise:

If your video is about a bustling street, besides adding music to it, add on-street noises, people chatting, tires screeching, murmuring of people conversing, and honking now and then. This will fill the video or scene with life that plain music will never be able to achieve. You can always record original sounds from real places or even download sound effects that are completely royalty-free. Just by adding location ambiance, your video can become more engaging and highly professional. The elements should be carefully consider so that the viewer notices the video but is unable to identify what makes your video unique. That’s the trick!

5. Take a Path that has not been Walked Upon:

First and foremost, take an in-depth look at a couple of videos in the same niche. You will have benign to notice that the videos are almost trying to blend in with each other. You can notice this by the fact that they are using the same transitions, color grading, and fonts. Even the structure of the videos can be strikingly the same. It is quite hard to stand out from them as your video will most probably have nothing strikingly different from your competitors’ videos.

While we may be guilty of following the footsteps of already established videographers.  Of course, it is quite natural to try out what others have tried already and see how we might do it differently. But don’t expect to get distinctive or unique results and stand out from the rest of the crowd while following the footsteps of the crowd! Your video has to be a pop of color in everything black, white, and gray. You, too, need and deserve to be visible and appreciated..

Let your story-telling be different and your videos high quality, visually appealing, aesthetically sound, and just beautiful in the literal sense.

Pro tip: Include a call to action:

When your target audience or general audience finally gets hooked on your video, guide them through it and make sure they are aware of what the next step is! How they can access more content provided by you, probably buying your product, or even best? Sharing with tier acquaintances and friends. By the time your video ends, this should be vividly clear and soundly understood by the viewers. Always encourage your viewers to check playlists out, hit that subscribe button, pre-order before the sale ends, book now, or schedule a call (if you are providing consulting, or counseling of a service that requires consumers to hop on a call). Also make sure that the links provided are live, easy to access, and follow, this way you can easily track your success.


Following these suggestions will improve your audience involvement. It will also ensure a successful campaign and get your business successful results. To be a successful videographer, you always need to push the envelope visually, and find new ways to make your video animations visually appealing! What remains is to use these tips to your benefit, keep practicing, and incorporate new techniques and ways to make your videos stand out from the rest! Keep on sharing your content on social media, remember, social media gets you some of the best leads and loyal audiences!