Ten Benefits of Using Video Animations for your Business

A picture of a flower or a description of a flower. What will instantly hit off with your brain? Of course, the picture! Pictures, animations, and videos are better engaging instruments for making a mark on the audience. That is the very reason video animations are all the rage nowadays.

Video animations are comprehensive, great, and impactful sources of conveying the message of your business to the audience. Studies have shown that more than 90% of the information that is transmitted to the brain is visual information. And, visual information is processed 65000 times faster than text information.

People who still prefer conveying their message through text messages over video animations are at nothing but a loss.

This has formed the basis for an inevitable shift in the content and movement towards visual content. There has been a significant shift in the way video content is made and consumed. 2d animations are more likely to be remembered than plain text.

Let us look at some facts that favor the use of video animations for growing your business online:

      1. Adding a video to the landing page can spike conversions by 80%.
      2. People are more likely to buy a product after watching its video.
      3. More than half of the online social activity is in consuming video content.
      4. More than half of the people looks up more information after they watch a video.

    It is time to take a deeper look into the reasons to use video animations.

    Why use video animations?

    As more people shift towards producing video content, it has become all the more difficult to make a mark online with your videos and grab the audience’s attention. It’s high time to shift from boring intro videos to animated and engaging videos.

    So much effort, but why? Let us see!

    Let us look at some benefits of using video animations, shall we?

    Benefits of using video animations:

    1. Grabs the audience’s attention:

    The majority of internet users have very little patience. Who can blame them, though? when there is a lot to discover and take in? Animations are said to evoke emotions in the viewers and to form an instant connection with them. It ignites the spark in them to be inquisitive and keep exploring more about the video and brand.

    While every video they view is awash with pop-ups and video adverts, which they just ignore. So, an animated video is most likely to stop the viewers and watch the video. Well, because the best video animation is comparatively less in comparison to mainstream videos.

    2. Simplifies even the most complex topics:

    Whether it is a difficult science concept, a difficult marketing plan, or even a complex accounting scenario – 2d animations simplify everything. Period. Imagine a video where you can toy with characters, backgrounds, and the story. What better way to communicate a message than that?

    Even great explainer videos are commonly made through the use of video animations.

    3. It resonates with the viewers:

    Video animations hit all the right chords. Everyone, in their childhood, has had access to cartoons and their fondest memories associated with certain cartoon characters. Video animations bring back all those memories and hit the sweet spot in the audience’s hearts. The proper word to use here would be, nostalgia. Also, using emotion to get the message forward is a successful tactic working by marketers all around the world and video animations are one of the most essential tools in that.

    4. Video animations are entertaining:

    Entertainment with a subtle message is the most successful way to market a product or a service. Most animated videos are super entertaining. The characters and animations in the videos make people look forward to what is coming next. So, if the video is super entertaining, people may have a good laugh watching it too. Chances are that the video can get shared a thousand times and can get viral too. The results of this can be increased marketing and exposure for the business.

    5. Video animations serve multiple purposes:

    Video animations can be used for almost every need of your business. Whether it is explaining a complex procedure to the workforce, to getting the main agenda of the meeting conveyed. So from explainer videos to marketing videos about the product. From launching a new product to answering FAQs, video animations can be used for pretty much anything.

    6. Easy on the pocket and budget:

    The major plus point of using video animations is that it is super cheap to produce. Far less expensive than live or professionally shot videos with actors in them. To produce a great animated video, you just need a great video animator, and a terrific idea to begin with. That is pretty much it.

    7. Video animations give a boost to conversions:

    Multiple studies have shown that adding animated videos to the business’s social media and the landing page of the website can increase conversion rates by 80%. Animated videos take the trophy among other kinds of videos that are displayed on the landing page. Adding an animated video will give a boost to the engagement rate of the audience, and also increase the rates of conversions. Studies have proven video animations to bring incredible results in conversions.

    8. Video animations increase the SEO rankings of your website:

    Just like everybody here, even Google algorithms are in love with animated videos. Including animated videos in the website will surely give a spike to the website rankings and improve the score and position of your website in the search engine rankings.

    When you have engaging video content on the website, it ultimately means that people will be spending more time on your website and hence improve the credibility of your website. This acts as a great contributing factor when Google is ranking your website on the SERPs. Also adding a great and interesting video thumbnail can increase engagement and conversion rates.

    9. Makes your business stand out from the crowd:

    The internet is saturated with video content, everyone knows that. Adding animated videos to the website of your business and social media pages will only make your business stand out from the rest of the competitors. So, it will only provide your business with an edge over the rest of the businesses operating in the same niche as yours. Video animations have always been, remain to be, and will continue to be engaging, exciting, and entertaining for the audience.

    10. Expands your business’s reach:

    With most of the world’s population now on social media, video animations that get popular, highly shared, and viral is a great asset to the marketing of a business and can bring in more customers and audiences to the business. The best thing is when an animated video gets viral and brings in millions of viewers and potential customers to the business. Animated content and video animations are the kinds of content that are extremely hard to beat.

    Now that we have discussed multiple benefits of using video animations to grow and boost your business online, it is also time that we look at some of the most important things to keep in mind when making video content and animated videos.

        1. Make it short, interesting, and engaging.
        2. Keep it relevant to the main vision of the business.
        3. Make it informative.
        4. Make sure it provides value to the users.
        5. Keep it light and add in a little touch of humor if required.
        6. Add in your information subtly at the end of the video.
        7. Keep the characters the same to develop a sense of relevance to the business.


      Keeping things real, the benefits of using video animations were explained through a video at the start of this blog. But higher chances are you would have just watched the video and would not have even bothered to read the blog at all. That is how important video animations are. No more, no less.