Why is a CCTV Camera the need of the hour?

Just hiring watchmen for the whole day is not sufficient anymore. A CCTV camera does the job. The progression in technology is showing new horizons that have to alter and completely changed the way things work. From how the education sector has come to reaching mars, every minute thing is highly influencing by technology. The same is the case with the way we see safety, the safety standards have escalated with innovation in technology and so has the way we keep ourselves safe.

Surveillance cameras or CCTV cameras, as they are popularly famous are now employee to monitor any movements in the neighborhood, workplace, and public places too. Apart from the human resources employed, the use of technology and using a CCTV camera is certainly the new norm.

A CCTV camera not only improves security and safety but also prevents crime and any form of terrorism. Plus, the AI-integrated analytics software has only worked wonders for the world of security camera gear.

Let us look at the CCTV cameras in detail.

CCTV camera:

A CCTV camera, also famous as open television, is a system of the economic configuration of video cameras, display devices, and networks that work together to detect and prevent terrorist or criminal activities. Used widely in private sectors and public sectors, they are the most efficient means of crime prevention.

Uses of a CCTV camera:

A CCTV camera is widely using in all sectors of a country. Apart from that, the police sector and security expertise management companies also rely heavily on surveillance cameras to fight crime. From privately operated cameras to public surveillance cameras, you can also find surveillance cameras on doorbells! Chances are you are being watched and recorded by one now if you are outside of your home!

The prime CCTV camera has seen a tremendous shift in how digital data is collected, analyzed, scrutinized, and stored. Surveillance and CCTV cameras have transformed cities into smarter metropolitan cities. AI-generated data has become more prevalent and this has enabled the CCTV camera to become stronger as a predictor based on the integrated software used for analytics. Consumers have more access to countless options that can be used for safety and security.

The innovation in CCTV camera:

CCTV camera, just like everything else that is digital has innovated and transformed completely. From drone cameras to facial recognition, from body-worn cameras to AI analytics, surveillance cameras have come a long way. Owing to the phenomenal capabilities of CCTV cameras, the margin for error has shrunk massively. This has led to the increase of CCTV cameras and their usage on every corner and street. Although CCTV cameras do enjoy public support, they are often criticized for intrusion and privacy invasion.

Their use is highly welcome in crimes and investigations because the use of AI and facial recognition and data storage has led to investigators finding out suspects and criminals with much ease. Tracking down their locations and their route is also okay through the same technology of surveillance cameras. It should also be noted that the footage of CCTV cameras needs to be carefully stored and used.

While every invention and innovation in technology can be debate, there is no turning blind to the benefits of placing the CCTV camera in public.

Benefits of CCTV cameras:

      1. Surveillance cameras ensure the highest public security and safety. When people know that their actions are being recorded, they are less likely to commit crimes. It is truly said that cameras do keep you safe.
      2. Identification of criminals through the cameras, and the police, is a benefit. The crimes, through CCTV cameras, can both be prevented and solved with agility.
      3. Surveillance cameras also protect properties and empty houses against any kind of property theft, robbery, and vandalism. There is always a higher chance of getting caught when the cameras are watching you!
      4. The surveillance footage is a vital and substantial piece of evidence in the police investigation and to present in court too.
      5. Activities like shoplifting and robbery seem a bad idea to criminals when there is an abundance of cameras installed on the premises and outside.
      6. Cameras also prevent stupidity, any stupid stunt or act that could endanger property or someone’s life is discouraged by a surveillance camera.
      7. Through AI and high technology, the computer can zoom in on a face and identify a criminal or suspect.
      8. Surveillance cameras are especially beneficial in cases of abduction. They make tracking down a person a breeze. ‘
      9. It lays a solid foundation for the predictions of future crimes based on the data stored and analyzed by surveillance cameras based on criminal behavior.
      10. The respective authorities and the police can be informed timely about a crime and help to prevent it together through surveillance cameras.
      11. It acts as a crime deterrent.
      12. Superb as an invisible supervisor at workplaces and offices, the working personnel always know there is someone who is watching them at all times during office hours.

    These are some of the most common benefits of having a CCTV camera or a surveillance camera on your premises.

    Let us also briefly look at the kinds of CCTV cameras that are available!

        1. Wireless CCTV cameras.
        2. Network or IP CCTV cameras.
        3. Dome CCTV cameras.
        4. Bullet CCTV cameras.
        5. Day/Night CCTV cameras.
        6. Infrared CCTV cameras.
        7. High Definition CCTV cameras.

      Multiple types of CCTV cameras have multiple advantages. Let us skim through them:

          1. They are unobtrusive, which means you can fit them easily anywhere.
          2. Suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors.
          3. Hard to interfere with the camera.
          4. 360-degree rotation of the camera means all angles are covered.
          5. Resistant to dirt in all environments
          6. The casing of the cameras protects against rain and dirt.
          7. The range of the cameras is as long as 40 feet!
          8. They are weather-proof.
          9. Optical zoom provides a close focus on objects.
          10. Clear recording, even in low light conditions.
          11. Excellent function regardless of weather conditions.
          12. Captures images and videos in dust, smoke, or even fog.
          13. Colored recording during the day and black and white at night.

        We have listed down tons of benefits of using surveillance cameras, and have tried to explain them in depth.

        But if you still have questions like.

        Is getting a CCTV camera worth it?

        The answer to that has always been and will be a big YES! Because they make your home, office, and surroundings much more secure, safe, and monitored. It is like someone is watching over you, always.


        A CCTV camera is hands down the best purchase that you will ever make for the safety of your home, shop, business, restaurant, or office! If you haven’t got your hands on it already, it is high time you make the purchase now! Being safe is always better than being sorry after all. Don’t you all agree? So go through each kind of camera and see what will work best for you!