How Essential is Digital SEO Marketing?

Just like any other form of marketing, digital marketing also uses tactics and tools for growing the business and increasing its visibility. Be it a product, service, or brand, marketers use digital marketing to get the best results from marketing. Due to the enormous advantages of marketing, traditional marketing has now majorly switched towards digital marketing. The marketing techniques for digital marketing have also seen a dramatic change over the past few years. The benefit that tops the charts of digital SEO marketing benefits is that the business gets to be on top in the search engine results for your niche. This gives the business a much-needed edge over its competitors.

What is Digital Marketing?

When marketers use electronic devices to promote a business and advertise it, it is called digital marketing. With a little drop of change, through the ripple effect, the impact of digital SEO marketing is simply huge. The mediums used in digital marketings are majorly smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other electronic devices. Digital marketing uses these mediums to do promotional marketing which again takes multiple forms like readable online content, display ads, social media paid ads, pop-up ads, paid advertisements, and so on. Electronic media and mainly the internet are used to manifest digital marketing. Using digital marketing helps businesses and brands to achieve several benefits at a much lower cost, like attracting potential customers, more traffic, more sales, and so on.

Now that we briefly know about digital marketing, it would only be more interesting to find out about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The backbone of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization has one prime motive, to optimize your business’s presence on the internet for better visibility, traffic, and conversions. When your website is well ranked, it is more exposed to the users in comparison to the competitors. It would not be wrong to say that search engine optimization is a great marketing tool that magnifies the reach of your business. It makes it more engaging and eventful for visitors and consumers.

To ensure that the best results are reaped with search engine optimization practices, certain elements have to be put in place which includes:

    • Quality of the content

    • Mobile-friendliness

    • User Engagement

    • Quality of inbound links

    • The number of inbound links

There are also two kinds of SEO strategies that are used to get the best benefits of digital SEO marketing, let us have a look at those.

On-Page SEO:

This is an optimization technique that is used to increase traffic to the website while simultaneously increasing its visibility.

Off-Page SEO:

This technique uses the promotion of your website page link and also works on your link building. The incoming links have a positive effect on the search rankings of your website. In this technique, no changes are made to the website at all.

The Change in Algorithms:

Google changes its algorithms very frequently, due to this reason, no specific technique or set of steps can be ruled out that will guarantee or secure higher ranks in the search engines. Changing algorithms is also the main reason that predicting anything in search engine optimization is pretty much impossible. The only thing that can work is to note and monitor the performance of the website and track any SEO factors to alter and change them when the algorithm changes.

Imagine hiring a website SEO expert, getting your website optimized and ranked and after a few days you see your website de-ranked, what do you do? Besides panicking? You call the search engine optimization expert again and make the necessary changes. Simple.

That is exactly why search engine optimization is termed the backbone of digital marketing and makes it so vital.

The Importance of Digital SEO Marketing:

Digital SEO marketing is certainly the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. Let us look at some of the benefits in depth.

1. Better visibility for the business:

Through search engine optimization, the website only ranks better on the search engines. This means it gets easier for prospective customers to visit your website and it also helps in ranking it better amongst the competitors. Also, through search engine optimization, there are better chances of your website getting search engine-friendly. It also ensures that your website is densely full of the necessary keywords and meta keywords too. Keyword research and on-page optimization methods are likely to ensure that the website receives a large number of visits. This means long-term growth for the business and its website. Always remember that the ranking of a website is directly proportional to its visibility to potential visitors.

2. An increase in traffic:

As digital marketing and search engine optimization are intertwined. So, the main goal of digital SEO marketing is to increase website traffic, bring in more visitors, more conversions, and in the end, more sales. This helps the business to stay at the top of its game.

3. Authority:

 Gaining the trust of customers is the top priority of any brand or business. The first thing that anybody does for any question, nowadays, is Google it. Whether is an acne scar or the best leather jacket, Google is the top most searched search engine from them all. So your business can only see success if it appears on the first page of the search results. Websites that pop up when people are searching for a query are trusted more by the users. Search engine optimization is the prime tool that increases ranking as well as visibility. Both of these are the foundation of building the reputation and authority of your website.

4. High-quality content:

High-quality content means that the visitors are served with quality, which is pleasant to them and makes them stay and explore the website for longer. A carefully thought-out content strategy is used to increase high-quality, engaging, and beneficial content for visitors. The key is to keep optimizing the content of your website in line with the algorithms and trends in digital SEO marketing.

5. Incredible user experience:

Digital SEO marketing, when done correctly simply makes your website more attractive, engaging, and responsive too. The load time of the website greatly impacts the conversion rate of the page. The longer the load time, the lesser the conversion rate, and vice versa. Just by increasing the speed of the page, you will lower the bounce rate on your page and the time spent by visitors on your page will increase significantly. The user experience is also better keeping in mind that people from different electronic devices access the website. Search engine optimization takes care of it all.

6. Deliver what people are looking for:

Molding the content to fit in the dimensions of the user intent is how search engine optimization is done today. And employing keywords carefully throughout the article accomplishes the same objective. It is all about solving the query of the user, if he can not find answers to the questions that he asked originally and landed on your page, there is no way he will be staying on the website at all. The bounce-back term is used when people flee your website. If the bounce back rate is high, it is signaling to the search engine the poor content quality of your website. This will result in your website facing a loss in the rankings on your website.

7. Reduces marketing costs:

The greatest benefit perhaps to the owners of the business, apart from higher conversions and sales, is the reduction in the overall marketing costs of their business. Using traditional marketing will only get your business a hole in its pockets in comparison to digital SEO marketing. According to studies, search engines account for 70% of all internet transactions. Investing in good digital search engine optimization marketing is the only way your business will get success in the digital world. Getting conversions from your website will ultimately reduce the marketing cost overall, had you gone for traditional marketing too. Search engine optimization is the only way through it.


Digital SEO marketing has helped websites grow by leaps and bounds. It has also helped businesses to achieve their goals with much less cost. It boosts conversion rates and increases your business’s visibility, rankings, and organic traffic. Thus, digital marketing and search engine optimization go hand in hand and are intertwined, and one can’t work without the other. Using search engine optimizations services is the only way to spike up your sales and give your business that much-needed boost on the internet. It is digital SEO marketing that will also give an edge to your business over its competitors, by staying n the game and on top of it.

Pro tip: do not think of Googling digital SEO marketing and trying a hand at it by yourselves. To save costs. Hiring an SEO expert is the way to go about it and has worked wonders for businesses that did. Happy digital marketing!

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